Shaina Craft's Portrait Painting Series is Deeply Evocative

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: shainacraftart & faithistorment
In her portrait painting series entitled 'Identities Like Onions,' artist Shaina Craft depicts people through a series of layers overlapping one another for a truly surreal visual experience.

You don't have to adjust your prescription, this collection of blurry paintings is meant to make you do a double-take as you try to acclimate to the profound depth of perspective. Reminiscent of the work of the great Pablo Picasso, this portrait series shows different sides of the same person, revealing the multitude of feelings and identities that one individual can encompass. Upon closer inspection, the analytical viewer may notice that each new shadow being portrayed is slightly different from the rest, capturing a sense of movement through time.

Shaina Craft gives her portrait painting more depth and meaning with every layer.