Designer Puts His Portrait in a Chair Back for a Truly Personalized Piece

 - Jan 13, 2015
References: grabcad & mocoloco
How is this portrait in a chair for an example of personalized design? Its creator, Gabriel Särkijärvi, worked to bring customization and identity to furniture in a way that is seldom done. Using a photograph of himself for reference, the designer built a subtle but mesmerizing image into the rear slats of the backrest. This should suffice to keep others from sitting in his spot.

After digitizing the selfie, the artist meticulously created MDF-board templates that enabled him to cut the birch wood of the spindles with just the right slight contours. The result would have to be discernible as a face, but not overly obvious. The complete Illusion Chair stares straight out at the potential sitter, communicating and serving as a contemporary artefact.