Peculiar Portrait 360 Project Plays with Material and Subject Distortion

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: gianlucatraina & contemporist
You can immediately sense that something is off about the Portrait 360 sculptures. They appear to be wearing their faces at the backs of their heads and their hairstyles over the contours of their eyes, noses and mouths. Remarkably, when viewed head-on, the pixelated physiognomic images seem to be extraordinarily accurate, even though the shape of the rear cranial canvas is lacking in topography.

The success of these statues is the result of careful studies and much experimentation by artist Gianluca Traina. He used twisted and woven paper to create the skin of the Portrait 360 sculptures, relying on the material's polychromatic details and its ability to conform to the fluctuating shape of the subjects' facial features. Despite a surprising realism to the collection of abnormal busts, the notion of anonymity is pronounced in this project.