This Portable Water Tank for Campers Assumes an Inverse Design

 - Aug 1, 2016
References: mec & likecool
You're probably accustomed to seeing objects like this portable water tank carrying out an inverse task. Modeled on the form and function of a dry sack, the Innate Aqueduct Water Transporter actually seals water inside of it, rather than out.

Many water reservoirs on the market tend to be heavy and inflexible. This is not what you want when everything you have needs to be carried over the portages and rough terrain of canoe trips and overnight trekking adventures. Assembled from fabric and stitched with tightly sealed seams, this portable water tank can be worn comfortably as a backpack or toted like a bag.

A clear strip of material enables you to identify the volume of H2O within, a durable valve helps to you pour the liquid and the roll-top closure makes it easy to scoop up 15L of fresh new water when you come across a clean spring.