The ‘Blue-Me' Pad Takes Your Home Feel On Holiday

Blue-Me changes the way you do holidays, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and amenities of a space that is your own. Gone are the days of hunting for the best hotel deal, only to find it was the weakest link during your much-anticipated breaks.

The hip transportable Blue-Me structure boasts a homey living room with TV, a kitchen complete with oven, a cot and lots of storage for your personal belongings. It can even plug in for power and water, although it could do more with some sustainable technology, a few solar panels perhaps. No clues on alternative means of transportation, either, apart from the tricky helicopter ride.

Still, designed by Anton Markus Pasing, the prefabricated pad seems ideal to throw on the beach front of your choice or in the woods right in front of a feng-shui river, even for the odd weekend. It is clearly more inviting than a tent or your average detached RV, and, with a 70s style and transparent glass fronts, it inspires some seriously good times.