The Portable Solar Power System That Tracks the Sun

 - Jul 19, 2013
References: gizmag & treehugger
As people try to become more environmentally friendly the solar power industry is starting to rise, and with the SunSocket portable solar power generator, being eco-conscious can be even easier.

Solar power systems can be tricky to understand; they need to be at the optimal angle in order to try and get the most sunlight. Now, the SunSocket system helps to take the guess work out of solar power. This generator tracks the sun, and this tracking allows it to end up being fully charged within 5 hours. The speed of charging, combined with the ease of it being portable, makes this generator easy to use. When stretched out it is 4 feet wide, and will begin to track the sun as soon as you turn it on. Going green is something important to our environment, and with this portable solar power generator, being eco-conscious is becoming easier.