This Portable Drone Detects Hikers Lost In the Canadian Wilderness

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: riderlessaerotech & gizmag
A startup that goes by the name of Riderless Technologies has invented an innovative and high-tech portable drone that is capable of detecting hikers who may be lost in the wilderness.

This drone is specifically tuned to the deeply rugged Canadian wilderness which is popular with hikers but also poses a variety of hazards to those hikers who may go off course. The drone doesn't autonomously traverse trails; however, it is small enough to shove into a backpack and be taken through the woods. It can be unpacked and set in motion in as little as 10 seconds, and can stay in the air for 15 minutes at a time. Over the course of these 15 minutes, it can use its infrared camera to stream video to a portable display that can record the video.

With drones showing a lot of promise in search-and-rescue contexts, the adaptation of a rescue drone to meet specific challenges of wilderness rescue is something that could save lives.