Porsche SUV Traveler

 - Mar 25, 2008
References: autoblog
This Porsche mock-up of the SUV Traveler is getting slammed in blogs and tech websites left and right. Well, I'm exaggerating a little bit. I have only seen this car in about three websites. But invariably the reception has been downright hostile.

"Perhaps it was, 'Let's make a car shaped like a brick, where it is impossible to see either directly in front or behind the car. Simply put, we want to make the must-have for the billionaire who doesn't mind running over small children or animals,'" Autoblog said.

Asylum meanwhile wrote an article about the mock-up entitled, "Ugliest. Porsche. Ever."

Historically, from an aesthetic point of view, Porsche cars have been known for their elegance and their beauty. So I'd have to agree with the haters and naysayers that this mock up is, if not a crime against humanity, an ugly abomination that should be buried somewhere and never, ever be mentioned again.