7 Pieces of the Other White Gold

 - Oct 17, 2008
References: morkwinther.blogspot
Honesty and love go hand-in-hand in Birgitte Mørk Winther's work with porcelain. Her pieces span from porcelain design, jewelry and drawings to products and decorations.

Birgitte Mørk Winther has run her own business since graduating from the Danish Design School of glass and ceramics in Copenhagen over four years ago. Her forte is to turn conventional ideas on their head, to surprise, stun or just simply put a smile on people's faces.

Take Winther's oversized diamond-shaped brooches, for example. Each piece is hand-cut and hand-painted in porcelain--a beautiful gimmick that plays on our conception of bling, as porcelain was named the 'white gold' when it was first brought into the West from China. Or revel in her rock n' roll cups, spilled milk decorations or porcelain sets.