This Sinfully Thin Snack Puts a New Spin on Popcorn and Health

 - Feb 23, 2016
References: store.openroadsnacks
Salt and butter are just a few of the indulgent ingredients that often come between popcorn and health. However, there are a number of healthy popcorn snacks on the market, including this unique offering from Open Road Snacks.

The Sinfully Thin popcorn comes in an alternative flavor, SuperPop Popcorn, which is enhanced with a variety of flavorful spices, herbs, as well as a few unexpected superfood ingredients like kale and pomegranate.

While popcorn is often sold to consumers based on spicy, savory or sweet novelty flavors alone, this one puts a greater emphasis on the health benefits that come along with this snack. As an alternative to popcorn types that are drenched in butter or dessert toppings, this one simply lets some of nature's best flavors work for themselves.