Pop-Up Handsfree Shows the Public You Aren't Talking into Thin Air

 - Dec 29, 2011
References: sebastianpopa & designbuzz
Talking on a Bluetooth headset in public wouldn't make you look nearly as weird if you were talking on the Pop-Up Handsfree. Pop-Up Handsfree is a conceptual headset designed to let others know that you're on a phone call as opposed to just uttering random babble.

The Pop-Up Handsfree is worn like a small name tag and features touch controls. The gadget can display the picture of the person you are talking to so that others know you aren't speaking to yourself. The device also contains an option for privacy if you want to keep the identity of your caller a secret. In addition to receiving calls, Pop-Up Handsfree can also make them, display text messages and write them (sound to text).