Ditch Your Pooper Scooper for the Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel

 - May 9, 2011
References: kotulas & uncrate
The Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel makes cleaning up your puppy's little -- or large -- messes much quicker and easier. With this revolutionary shovel, you can take a well-deserved break from plastic bags, awkward interruptions on walks or having to get low to clean up your pet's messes.

The Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel is a powerful device that features a forceful and efficient electric motor that sucks up doggy droppings into a biodegradable baggy. The plastic bags can hold up to three pounds of waste, making the Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel a helpful gadget for people with dogs of all sizes.

Just in time for the warm weather, this shovel can be purchased online and comes with 25 plastic bags. With the Power Pooch Vacuum Shovel, cleaning up your pet's poop is now as easy as a walk in the park!