The Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is an Eco-Friendly Cruiser

 - Apr 10, 2017
References: & engadget
Electric and hybrid vehicles have been growing in popularity ever since vehicles like the Toyota Prius first started appearing on the streets over a decade ago, and the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan shows that that eco-conscious tendency is only expanding. The vehicle is a newly released police cruiser from the American automaker, and it offers all the features of a modern police vehicle while reducing the amount of emissions created and fuel consumed.

The Police Responder Hybrid Sedan is doubly as efficient as Ford's previous police vehicle, the Interceptor. At 38 miles per gallon, the vehicle easily competes with even many consumer cars, and it dwarfs the Interceptors paltry 18 miles per gallon.

Nonetheless, the Police Responder Hybrid Sedan can kick into gear when necessary. It runs on a battery when below 60 miles per hour, but a gas-powered engine automatically engages when that speed is exceeded.