These Graphics Imagine What Pokemon Sports Teams Would Look Like

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: designtaxi
If you've ever wondered what Pokemon sports teams would look like, Imgur user Benjamagnus has combined favorite hockey teams with Pokemon characters.

These funny graphics have taken recognizable logos and replaced them with your favorite fighting characters. For instance, in place of the flaming C in the Calgary Flames logo, the artist used Rapidash's head coming out of the hot, vibrant fire. Likewise, as tough as the penguin on the Pittsburg Penguins' jerseys is, he is replaced with the fierce Empoleon -- and you definitely don't want to mess with him. One very subtle change would be the one for the Chicago Blackhawks, as everything is the same except for the added Brockhawk mixed in with the feathers.

While these logos are unfortunately fake, they're definitely amazing pieces of artwork.