The GFP Screen Art Project Transforms E. Coli into Words Using Light

The GFP Screen is an innovative art project put together by the Interspecifics Collective that cleverly transforms E. Coli protien into coded poems using neon lights. The installation is a visual transformation that viewers can see unfold in the making as they watch the lights covert the bacteria into literary work.

The installation works with a series of neon ultraviolet lights that shine onto the protein in E. Coli and are able to activate the fluorescence inside. This reaction is mounted onto tripods that showcase the reaction of green florescent protein (GFP). Each of the GFP are connected to one another. According to The Creator's Project, the creators of the installation "...wrote a poem using found text from the Google search for 'human,' and encoded it into ASCII." As the chemical process continues the lights continue to shine.