i29's Panta Rhei School In the Netherlands is Adorned with Erikjan Harmens̵

 - Jun 16, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: dezeen
Designed by Dutch interior architects i29 in the Netherlands is the Panta Rhei school.

What’s interesting is that i29 chose to use poetry as a design device. The poetry was commissioned from a Dutch poet named Erikjan Harmens.

His poems touch on school life topics like insecurity and friendship, and are found on the floors and walls.

Implications - School isn't just for studying; besides educational topics, children also learn essential social skills. By infusing poetry from a local artist into the school's interior design, the architects touch on the myriad of emotions adolescents feel in a passive, artistic way that may resonate far more than advice a teacher might express.