'PocketHound' Aids Teachers in Spotting Cheaters

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: bvsystems & mashable
Berkeley Varitronics Systems has created 'PocketHound' to aid teachers in catching students who cheat on tests.

Now that a younger generation has access to their own cell phones and are constantly texting in class, cheating has become easier. Instead of having to slyly take a peek at your friend's paper or casually push your own to the edge of the table to share an answer, students can now just text each other. With so many students and so many phones it's hard for just one teacher to catch a cheater, especially if a kid has mastered the art of texting without looking at their screen.

Since students aren't supposed to text during tests, the PocketHound will vibrate or light up for the teacher to know when there's a transmission from another phone. Even if the student wasn't cheating, they'd still have a hard time stammering through why they had their phone out during a test.