Plug-In by Maria Perales Provides a Place for Everything

 - Apr 28, 2011
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Some people, myself included, possess the often irritating opinion that everything has its place, though Plug-In by Maria Perales has a delightful disposition that makes the act of tidying up all the more playful.

This particular project is composed not only of a clean wooden-top table, but also a cluster of circular incisions and built-in candlesticks and vases. No longer will such objects be considered separate from the surface on which they sit, for this clever designer has served up a new suggestion for how furniture can function as a multifaceted landscape of everyday items. A ceramic hand mirror, an umbrella stand and a candy jar and lid are also incorporated into Plug-In by Maria Perales, and with everything arranged upright, the table still leaves plenty of room for regular use.