The Pleated Jeans Graphic Proves Fear Lurks Around Every American Corner

 - Oct 22, 2011
References: stream.pleated-jeans & holykaw.alltop
In the spirit of the spooky holiday Halloween, Pleated Jeans released this hilarious graphic entitled the United States of Scary Things. Be afraid, be very afraid, especially if you call the U.S. home, because according to this map there is something to fear in all 50 states. From realistic worries like tornados to the ridiculous like zombie Ralph Nader, this graphic will have you guffawing in no time.

Even the island paradise of Hawaii is not exempt from this terrifying look at US geography. From serial killers to terrifying pests, it seems there is a downside to living anywhere. Perhaps, there is a "grass is always greener" morality lesson hidden somewhere in all this hilariousness.

So, North Dakota, brace yourself for invading Canucks and Oregon beware of the growing army of hipsters in your midst, because things could get hairy this Halloween.