Sharp's Plasmacluster Ion Generator Refreshes Both Air and Skin

 - Aug 25, 2010   Updated: May 31 2011
References: geekstuff4u & engadget
Sharp's new Plasmacluster is a portable ion generator with an awesome name. Presumably hung around the neck, the Plasmacluster cleanses the air around its wearer, making for a healthy, germ-free breathing experience.

While cleaning the air, Sharp claims the Plasmacluster also rejuvenates the user's skin. Although creating your own personal atmosphere isn't cheap, this $200 Plasmacluster device is definitely worth taking a look at.

Implications - Consumers are extremely concerned and conscious about the current state of our environment; they are worried for the health of the Earth and themselves. Personal products like this space cleanser allow consumers peace of mind regarding the state of their personal space, while also allowing them to clean the environment at the same time. Companies can attract this eco-conscious and health-conscious demographic by manufacturing earth-cleaning products.