BioClay is a New Crop Spray that Naturally Defends Crops

 - Jan 12, 2017
References: nature & newatlas
Roughly 20-40% of the world's crops are lost to diseases and pests each year, so BioClay is a new option that's far better in comparison to other plant pesticides. BioClay comes a study that is being done at the University of Queensland, which is being led by Neena Mitter who is an agricultural biotechnologist.

BioClay works by being sprayed onto crops in microscopic sheets that enable the plant to defend itself when it is threatened. This comes as welcome news as plant pesticides have been blamed for environmental degradation as well as a number of health concerns.

The BioClay RNAi sprays come as a much cheaper alternative to developing GMO crops and would require far less time to get developed and rolled out.