From Customized Hospital Gowns to Streetwear-Inspired Kid's Clothing

 - Dec 14, 2016
Child and tween fashion has become increasingly dynamic in what it offers, with many styles that are more sophisticated than they were in the past, but that still have a youthful touch. Whether it is designer wear or unisex infant clothing, brands are becoming increasingly diverse in their approach to tween fashion.

The ad agency 'Rethink' partnered with the 'Starlight Children's Foundation Canada' and six fashion designers to create customized hospital gowns for some of the children and teens at a children's hospital. The project was created to boost morale and was based on the documented desire for young teens to express their individuality through fashion -- whether they are at home, at school or in the hospital.

The clothing brand 'Kith' offers children's clothing that is inspired by the streetwear styles that can be see in adult fashion blogs, magazines and runway styles. The clothing is fashionable but still casual, and its neutral style can be worn by children of different ages and genders.