PLanon Printstik & Polaroid Printers (CES 2008)

 - Jan 7, 2008
References: forbes & breitbart
How about an inkless printer for your cell phone?

From text messages to images and calendar events, as cool as it is to have all your info stored in a gadget at the tip of your finger, there's something classic about holding a print version too.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Polaroid revealed its portable, inkless printer that can be used with small devices like cell phones and digital cameras. The printers, about the size of a deck of cards, use thermal printing techniques on special paper.

It's expected to hit the North American market later in 2008 and retail for about $150.

A Canadian company also revealed a mobile printer. Slightly pricier at $300, the Printstik from Planon Systems Solutions doesn't print in colour, but it's remarkable light for an 8 by 11 inch printer, weighing under 2 lbs.

Both printers connect via USB or Bluetooth.

A list of other mobile phone printers can be seen here. So far my favourite is still the Zink 2 (zero ink) which is featured in the gallery.