The Pizzaghetti Sloches from Couche-Tard Combine Two Italian Dishes

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: foodbeast & laughingsquid
In Quebec, pizzaghetti is a popular dish wherein pizza and spaghetti are served on the same plate. Now the convenience store chain Couche-Tard, which is the Quebecois branch of Mac's, is stepping up the pizzaghetti intensity with its new Pizzaghetti Sloches.

These sloches are basically just pizza and spaghetti-flavored slushies that are blended together. The resulting flavor has yet to be determined, as the Pizzaghetti Sloches won't be released by Couche-Tard until July, but the combination of two such extremely different foods makes it hard to believe that the taste will be anything other than strange. However, because of its strange combination, many people will probably challenge each other to drink it as some sort of masculinity/femininity-affirming gesture.

Even though the Pizzaghetti Sloche hasn't been released, yet its commercials and very existence has whipped the Internet into a food-crazy frenzy. If they're successful, perhaps Pizzaghetti Sloches will expand into other parts of North America, giving everyone a taste of a pizza and spaghetti medley.