This Cheesy Cake is a Savory Alternative That is Perfect for Pizza Enthusiasts

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: ohbiteit & ohbiteit
If you love pizza and can easily enjoy eating more than one, chances are these pizza cakes are just what you need to satisfy your cravings. The meal is made from a series of stacked pizzas that are cooked on top of one another to create one epic cheesy meal.

The hack to making this pizza cake is using pre-made frozen pizzas. This is ideal if you're someone that enjoys a variety of pizza flavors and toppings because you can stack any pizza combinations you like. The pizzas are stacked in an oven-safe dish and layered with extra cheese to bind the pizzas together. The final pizza is topped with extra cheese and toppings before baking.

A slice of this pizza cake will most likely have to be eaten with a knife and fork thanks to all the extra melted cheese.