Daimler's Smart Pixel System Prevents Over-Use Of Car Headlights

 - Oct 7, 2016
References: media.daimler & newatlas
German automotive company Daimler has gone ahead and developed an innovative and high-tech smart pixel system that is designed to be able to tweak and manipulate headlight beams in ways that even the most modern adaptive headlights simply cannot. Headlights have certainly come a long way, but anyone who drives regularly knows the irritation of being blinded by high beams that someone who just drove in from the highway forgot to switch off.

This is where the smart pixel system comes in. The system uses an array of sensors to detect the presence of other cars, automatically dimming or deactivating individual lights within the headlight panel in order to reduce the strength of the beam appropriately. In doing so, this system helps to conserve energy but more importantly ensures that people's visibility isn't tampered with on the road.