These Pixar Pancakes are Exact Replicas of Classic Characters

 - Aug 24, 2015
References: instagram & metro
Pancake artist 'Dr. Dancakes' created 75 Pixar pancakes in the shape of beloved cartoon characters.

The unbelievably artistic Pixar pancakes are the creations of a man who is a "Professional Pancake Artist" -- a dubious title, until you see his work. Using colored pancake batter, Dr. Dancakes makes incredible pancake replicas of pop culture figures from Grumpy Cat to Super Mario. This time, he's really outdone himself with this series of Pixar pancakes. The edible artworks feature entire casts of characters from such classics as The Incredibles, Toy Story and Up. They're so amazing that it's hard to believe that anyone could have eaten them.

Maker culture is hugely popular and the combination of crafting and kitchen arts has produced a surprising number of artistic food creations. From reproducing masterpieces of classical paintings on dinner plates to burning iconic figures into toast, food art is appearing everywhere.