The Piper Home Security System is Specific to you

 - Feb 2, 2014
References: getpiper & mashable
The Piper home security system is created to make your home as programmable as the rest of your digital life. Piper is the first home security and automation device the successfully combines panoramic videos, Z-Wave home automation and environment sensors all in one single product that you are able to interact with using your smartphone or tablet.

Piper’s home security mobile app lets you add in specifications like if there is motion sensed it can send you a text message or if a door is opened, then it should sound the siren. You can also set rules for when you are home, away or on vacation. Piper is less expensive than the traditional home security system. Piper’s home security systems do not discriminate against anyone; whether you are a home owner or renting a smaller space, this device is perfect for knowing what is happening when you are not around.