Pilgrims And Christmas Cheer Return To Bethlehem

 - Dec 26, 2007   Updated: Apr 11 2011
References: voanews & ap.google
Thousands of Christian pilgrims from the world over converged on Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, to celebrate Christmas. Not since the Millennium celebrations have there been as many tourists in Bethlehem after which the second Palestinian intifada began. This brings some measure of hope in a region sorely in need of it.

"Hundreds of people from all over the world crowded the church's dark interior. According to Israeli border police, who monitored the entry of visitors into Bethlehem, 22,000 tourists had crossed over by midday, including about 7,000 Israeli Arabs."

Implications - Many curious consumers have used the availability of information on the Internet as a means of researching and disassembling religious beliefs, resulting in a generation of atheists. Regardless, religion persists as a large part of how society functions as a whole.