Piles by Selena Beaudry is a Series of Words and Sounds

 - Aug 25, 2012
References: selenabeaudry & design-milk
More than collages and definitely more than simple drawings, the art series succinctly titled Piles by Selena Beaudry is made up of cutout abstract sketches that have been heaped artistically on top of each other. Giving her work a new dimension, she engages her audience in a unique way. The artist writes, "Cutting up my work led to a rediscovery of my visual language. It brought up questions in my studio practice." She goes on to describe this series as "a series of words or sounds."

It is appropriate, then, that Piles by Selena Beaudry is currently part of a solo exhibition titled Bips, Babbles, and Screams. Hosted at the Hidell Brooksin Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina, the artworks are full of life, sometimes seemingly dancing across the wall or bumping against each other.