Formafantasma Created the Pigmento Series for 'Nude'

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: dezeen
Though the Pigmento series might look like an accident, it's actually a very purposeful design from Formafantasma. The glassware looks as though its been tinted hapharzardly with a spray paint can, but the random yellow and pink hues on the glassware are part of the design for the new collection, which is being released by 'Nude'.

The glassware in the Pigmento series includes a serving plate, a water jug, and both a shallow and tall container with flat lids. The glass used in each of the pieces is almost entirely frosted, and each piece comes with a different splotch of color somewhere on its surface. Those splotches aren't placed in the same spot for any piece, giving the series a unique feel that will please collectors and interior design fans alike.