The Piggyback Tablet Turns Your Smartphone into a Touchscreen Gadget

 - May 7, 2011
References: facebook & dvice
Designer Brooks Benifiel is attempting to cut down on the amount of electronic waste in the world with his new Piggyback Tablet concept. The Piggyback Tablet is a high-tech docking station that turns your smartphone into a touchscreen tablet/laptop.

When you first dock your smartphone with the Piggyback Tablet, the display pops up, allowing you to use it as a touchscreen tablet. Connect a keyboard to the tablet and the device becomes an instant laptop. All of the tablet's memory and processing power is derived from the smartphone, which means that you can upgrade the performance of your tablet every time you purchase a new phone.

With a device like the Piggyback Tablet, tech companies would no longer have to crank out new laptops and tablets. Less electronics in the world means less electronic waste. I'm all for greening gadgets. Someone get on this, now.