The Piedras Lamp Combines Unlikely Materials and Forms

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: lilianaovalle
There certainly isn't just one way, shape or form to manufacture a light fixture, but you probably haven't seen anything quite like the Piedras Lamp. This quirky object comprises some surprising elements and combinations for a look that's unfamiliar and fascinating.

Designer Liliana Ovalle is ever interested in the properties of rocks, and this influenced her incorporation of them into this illuminating sculpture. Real stones, however, were not included, for she chose to make organically modeled ones from sand-cast aluminum.

Complete with small holes, the rocks suspend from tied material at the thick cloth's corners. This reinforces the drapery of the ghostly white fabric, completely blocking out any glow. The Bright beams escape from the bottom of the Piedras Lamp, shining down to reveal the welded metal structure that's been painted blue.