Takahiro Iwasaki Creates Miniscule Pieces of Architecture from Thread

 - Feb 25, 2013
References: arataniurano & thisiscolossal
These small and fragile pieces of architecture by Takahiro Iwasaki have incredible detail. They look to be more delicate than a house of cards and yet are nonchalantly placed on top of non-conducive bases such as toothbrushes and wrinkled up towels.

I really enjoy the way in which they come out in photography. They look like macro 3D sketches found in random household areas. It would seem as though the slightest movements would destroy the delicate pieces forever and that Takahiro would need to use an air tight room and capture them quickly after finishing.

Takahiro clearly has a meticulous attention for detail and likely more patience than is humanly typical. These traits would be very necessary for these pieces of architecture.