This Decadent Dessert Combines a Slice of Apple Pie with a Funnel Cake

 - Aug 28, 2015
References: ohbiteit & ohbiteit
Summer time is the season to spend visiting fairs and these delicious cookies celebrate popular treats you might find there with an apple pie funnel cake cookie recipe. This dessert is decadent, sweet and shaped just like miniature funnel cakes.

These cookies take a bit of time to make and shape so that they turn out just like funnel cakes. The recipe begins with traditional cookie ingredients with added apple pie spice and chopped pureed apples to replicate the taste of the pie dessert. The cookie dough is a much more liquid consistency so that it can be dispensed out of a squeeze bottle onto a hot oiled pan in a coiled design. The dough is thin enough that it'll cook instantly creating a funnel cake cookie.

If you aren't a fan of apple pie, you can play around with the flavors to add ingredients that remind you of your favorite pie.