The Picsomg Blog Generates Content Based on Trends

 - Jun 23, 2012
References: picsomg
There's Pinterest, there's Tumblr and now there is the Picsomg blog -- a website that generates its content automatically based on what is trending on the Internet each day.

Whereas most multimedia sharing websites rely on the host to pick and choose what content they feel is the most relevant for their followers, automatically curates its content from the most popular photos and GIFS that are searched for online.

Created by Chad Faulkner, Senior Developer at Pi Media, the site is gender and age neutral as it includes images of everything from cute and cuddly pets and yummy food dishes to raunchy pop culture projections and interesting art exhibits.

Similar to the way that users can share content with their followers on Pinterest, the site allows for linking the image to one's Facebook account by either 'liking' the picture, commenting on it, or sharing it.