The PDW Technical Picnic Blankets are Crafted to be Tough

Whether for use when eating outdoors or when partaking in a camping trip, the PDW Technical Picnic Blankets are designed to be a versatile piece of equipment to keep you comfortable in the outdoors.

The dual-layer blanket features 30D nylon ripstop on the bottom side and a wool-nylon blend on top to help keep the blanket from becoming uncomfortable when used for extended periods.

Placing a regular blanket on the outside ground usually renders it dirty and/or damp, which can quickly lead to an uncomfortable experience for sitters and the potential for it to start moulding. The PDW Technical Picnic Blankets act as a versatile way to sit on the outside ground without having to worry about the elements affecting your gear. It can even be used to create a makeshift camping space, if desired or required.