These Jars of Pickled Mustard Seeds are Handmade by Ft Greene Farms

 - Feb 10, 2016
References: food52
Described by the brand as "not your mama's mustard," this two-pack set of Picked Mustard Seeds hail from Brooklyn, where Ft Greene Farms is based. The unique artisanal brand launched in 2013 and aims to create experimental condiments that help elevate home-cooked meals with rich flavors uniquely achieved through high-quality ingredients and cultivation and production methods.

The small-batch condiment is made from Champagne vinegar, water, sugar and yellow mustard seeds. Available in a set of two jars, the innovative product can be infused into a vinaigrette or used to top a piece of grilled fish.

Other innovative gourmet condiments available from Brooklyn's Ft Greene Farms include a delicious Red Pepper Relish, while both varieties can be purchased through the Food52 web store.