Piccolo Streamlines Control of Various Home Technologies with AI

 - Mar 16, 2018
References: piccololabs
Piccolo is being developed as the "world's first Vision Assistant," which allows simple gestures to be made to control various devices within the home.

The technology takes the form of a wide-angle AI-powered smart camera that boasts depth sensing and night vision. The system has the ability to read one's gestures in real time, so that one never has to struggle to find remotes or fuss with buttons in order to perform simple tasks within the home.

Piccolo can be connected to a variety of home devices, including the Apple TV and technology from Dyson. With its Device Localization Pipeline (DLP), Piccolo describes that it has the ability to let users "indicate where your devices are on our app. After that, we continuously track and update device locations in 3D space, and even ping you if new devices are found."