Photovoltaic Flashlight Soaks Up the Sun on All Sides for Lasting Light

The solar-powered flashlight is not a groundbreaking concept, but this Photovoltaic Flashlight does the job in an exceedingly clever way.

Manufactured to the form of a triangular prism, the device can be opened up to resemble a propeller, angling all of its sides towards the sky. Standing on one end with its solar cells facing the sun, the gadget boasts a significant energy-generating surface area considering its size.

Once Iorgulescu Vlad Paul's invention has been fully charged, the camping contraption can be reconfigured into a couple of convenient arrangements. It might remain upright and open so that it can cast rays down like a table lamp; alternatively, the Photovoltaic Flashlight can be closed and clasped in your hand, functioning like a effective LED torch.