Infographic Contemplates the Question 'Is Photography Dead?'

 - Dec 3, 2012
References: photography-news & designtaxi
As modern technology dominates and has altered the way in which we take photographs, the question 'Is Photography Dead' is not necessarily the right way to approach it. Rather, it has not nor does not seem to be close to dissipating but has rather shifted from being able to take a photo on a device that was strictly made for this purpose to now being able to take these shots on mobile devices. The infographic delves deep into how technological devices such as mobile devices and Instagram has replaced conventional modes of photography and tracks the progress of photography.

The birth of photography began long ago in 1826. Ever since, it has evolved progressively and has over time included new and revolutionary features at the time time, which were then replaced with other more innovative ones.
How did this change occur? In our technological age, we want to share photos and information at extremely fast rates. Having a mobile device as well as apps that not only allows us to take pictures but also lets us edit them in a quick and efficient way is exactly why.

Considering that 27 million Instagram users are sharing 26 photographs per second, photography definitely is not dead—in fact, it may be more alive than ever before.