The #SocialMedia Video by Above Promotes Network Awareness

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: goabove & inspirefirst
With its time lapse of mural messages, the #SocialMedia Video by Above promotes self-awareness on usage of networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With the undeniable prominence of social media in our day-to-day lives, it is interesting to see a perspective from an artist who is on the outside. Above is an international street artist whose identity is unknown and who claims not to engage in the use of social networks. The artist's perspective, as a non-user, is one of disdain for the overwhelming use to document minutiae like showering, drinking coffee and driving.

#SocialMedia street art was part of GALORE festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. The video is a time-lapse that was completed over a five day period. While the artist showcases fair points, it seems a radical view to reject a phenomenon that benefits many businesses and individuals; hence his line of intriguing questions. Perhaps the most meta-ironic aspect of this piece is the fact that it is likely to be shared on all of the platforms that it questions.