Photographer Maciek Jasik Shrouds Vulnerable Subjects in a Surreal State

 - May 8, 2014
References: maciekjasik & itsnicethat
The work of photographer Maciek Jasik looks like something someone might hallucinate while tripping on a cocktail of different drugs. Colorful, hazy and out of this world, the images involve a variety of ghostly figures, all of which happen to be naked. Yet the defining features of their clothes-less bodies are shrouded by Maciek Jasik's blurry style.

Capturing a duality between privacy and expression, photographer Maciek Jasik was inspired by the emotionally charged impressionist painting of the 19th century. He writes, "I began experimenting with an in-camera technique to dissolve the focus and saturate the space with color. There were several post-Impressionist paintings there that stunned me with how emotionally powerful they were, with scarcely any detail, I wanted to evoke that same feeling in photography by emphasizing color and movement."