These Photo-Manipulations by Kokoszkaa are Languid and Whimsical

 - Apr 24, 2012
References: kokoszkaa.deviantart & vectroave
The light in these photo manipulations by polish photographer Kokoszkaa has a glow that goes well with the iridescence of a computer screen. In the last decade, photography has been moving away from physical print and into digitized displays. Most people now view photographs primarily on smartphones and laptops. The renderings featured here take advantage of this digital development.

For purists, post-shoot manipulations of photographs is anathema; however, such tinkering can produce some stunning results, as evidenced by the work featured here. Such digital techniques let photographers realize effects that could not be accomplished otherwise.

The striking and elegant color composition of many of these pieces is not found in nature. Post-shoot digital manipulation allows certain colors to be emphasized and others muted, creating a decidedly surreal effect.