Philips Living Colors + 7 More Ways Philips Blends Tech & Design

 - Feb 14, 2008
References: news.softpedia
What mood are you in? Regardless of your answer, Philips has a mood lighting to go with it. More than just providing the functionality of brightening a room, these lights combine elements of art and design.

Each Philips Living Color Lighting System has two red LEDs, one blue and one green which combine to create 16 million colour combinations. The company partenered with Swarovski to produce what looks like a clear orb with an old fashion speaker phone protruding from inside.

The white remote control has a colour wheel which allows the user to adjust the hue being emitted.

This is idea for control freaks who want their environments to be totally in sync with their, but is also ideal for entertainers and party hosts.

Philips has been working on merging design with technology for some time now.