Cruisers To Run on McDonalds Grease

 - Jul 31, 2008
References: cbsnews
Police in the Philippines are going green and greasy, making headlines today for a new environmentally friendly initiative to ease the sting of soaring oil prices.

Manila cops are being celebrated for their partnership with local McDonalds restaurants which involves the donation of left over grease from cooking to create eco-friendly bio-diesel for the police patrol vehicles.

"The project, spearheaded by the Makati branch of the Philippine National Police, aims to convert squad cars in Manila's bustling central business district to run on a combination of 60 percent diesel and 40 percent cooking oil," CBS news said. They added that the initiative could save the Makati police over $10,000 a year.

Fueling the cruisers with liquid fat from French fries and fried chicken is a great way to save money. With oil prices at all time highs around the world, it's a phenomenon that could spread to other parts of the globe too.

Last year, McDonalds pledged to fuel their entire UK truck fleet with bio-diesel from vegetable grease.

Maybe they're on to something....