Peter Taylor Depicts Plump & Joyous Yoga Practitioners in Quirky Poses

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: handmadefeat.blogspot & lacarpa.tumblr
I’m not a yoga practitioner myself, but browsing these humorous Peter Taylor illustrations of chubby yogis makes me want to reconsider. Taylor renders psychedelic visuals of Buddha-like figures contorted in abstract poses. The skin of his subjects often features highly ornate art with oriental motifs, and when you pair that with myriad colors, you get visuals that tickle the eyes.

Peter Taylor explains that his art, "revolves around a recurring theme of finding balance, and finding joy in the search for balance." That statement is certainly true as his compositions often find a way to evenly distribute itself, even if they’re asymmetrical. The joy aspect of his work is also prominent as viewers cannot look at these smiling figures and not grin themselves.