Peter Nordstrom Creates Alien Sculptures with Sports Gear

Using bowling pins as his unlikely canvas, artist Peter Nordstrom creates amazingly intricate alien-like monster creatures. As frightening as they are impressive, photos of Nordstrom's work are making their way around the blogosphere.

The sculptures are relatively tiny, but pack a huge punch. Almost resembling a rock-like substance, the sculptures are decidedly bizarre, but definitely impressive. It's almost impossible to imagine the pieces in their original state, as you wouldn't want to put these masterpieces in the line of a speeding bowling ball. Inspired by the Prometheus, this work tells a dire tale with a strong cautionary message. It takes quite a bit of time to take in all of the detail of the piece, because the artist has fit a lot of details into one sculpture.

Far from understated, Nordstom's re-imagined bowling pin art is mind-boggling and magnetically intriguing.