From Hand-Sculpted Extinct Animals to Bamboo Baby Toys

 - May 28, 2013
These eco-friendly kids toys are an excellent way to instill the importance of "reducing, reusing and recycling" from an early age. One of the greatest things about upcycling is that almost anything can be turned into something new. 'Ocean Sole' collects flip-flops that have been left on the beach and turns them into cool and colorful trinkets and toys.

While it is important to reuse materials, it is also essential to be proactive about thinking ahead for the future, like Nicolo Bottarelli's handcrafted wooden toys shaped after extinct animals. The toys bring awareness to wildlife and habitat preservation.

And for the kids that just like playing with the box toys come in, there are cardboard toys like building blocks and playhouses to instantly spark a child's imagination.