Lettuce Lady Responds To PETA Ad Ban in Texas

 - Oct 5, 2007
References: getactive.peta.org
A few weeks ago Trend Hunter featured Alicia Silverstone's nude PETA campaign in which the actress promoted vegetarianism. The ads spread like wildfire all over North America... except in Houston, Texas. The state banned the ads entirely, and to protest, one PETA activist struck back.

"The lone Lettuce Lady wanted to draw attention to the fact that the state where Alicia's ad was banned just happens to be dominating the list of fattest American cities," the organization explained. "In fact, four of the top 10 are in Texas! Luckily for the Lone Star State she created an easy plan to help Texans lose weightâ€"by going vegetarian!"

Her concept of a lettuce bikini is borrowed from another PETA campaign in which Alicia Mayer sported a lettuce bikini.

The video clip is a pro-vegetarian ad and includes PETA's spiel on why switching to a vegetarian diet is a positive step to take, both for personal health, the well-fare of animals, and for the society as a whole.